About Kompass

Kompass was built by Geospatial Surveying & Engineering Professionals to tackle a wide range of project management and operational elements

We've been around the map

We’ve worn boots in the field and performed many a survey in our careers. We’ve spent countless hours in the office, the boardroom, and everywhere in between. We built Kompass because we were frustrated with wasting precious time managing projects, people, proposals, and invoices. We knew there was a better way than Excel to track leads, prospects, and customers. More importantly, we needed a way to deliver the best project outcomes for customers while getting maximum efficiencies for our business so we could grow. 

Built by professionals that have been there

Kompass was initially developed to help what was once a small geospatial surveying company in Ireland become one of the leading geospatial surveying & engineering companies across Europe. Because Kompass was designed by Geospatial Surveying business owners with years of day-to-day experience it became the business management software engine within Murphy Geospatial.

Kompass initially started lift as a bespoke business management system called EBOSS inside of Murphy Geospatial in 2005.In these very early stages, it was limited to managing geospatial clients, contacts, sales quotes, and projects.

Evolved for growing organizations

Since then, the platform has taken several forms. We evolved as KBOSS, a much faster and more intuitive geospatial business management system supporting the phenomenal growth Murphy Geospatial was experiencing. Murphy’s leadership team worked closely with us to develop the system that solves real-life management issues, enshrines best practices, and ensures that only truly valuable features would be implemented. KBOSS evolved into our comprehensive solution now known as Kompass.

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