Kompass has been in development since 2005. In that time, it has taken many forms. Starting life as a bespoke business management system called EBOSS, it was limited to managing clients, contacts, quotes and projects. However, it served as a solid building block for the fully integrated system we have today.


From EBOSS came KBOSS, a faster and more intuitive system supporting the phenomenal growth of one of Europe’s leading geospatial engineering companies – Murphy Geospatial. Murphy’s leadership team developed the system to solve actual real-life management issues, enshrine best practices and ensure that only features that would help the business would be implemented.


Over the many years that followed, the business owners, project managers and sales executives continued to develop the system, responding to changing management needs. Today, Kompass is an intuitive, user-friendly, all-encompassing business management system built by a business for business.

Meet the team

Every one of our people are passionate about helping other business owners and managers to benefit from Kompass. We know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to grow your business but your systems won’t scale with your ambitions. We’ve learned our lessons from doing it the hard way and solved these problems, so you don’t have to. Want help taking your business to the next level? Start by reaching out and talking to us.

See It For Yourself

We’d be delighted to show you first-hand what Kompass can do for you. We can show you the system and discuss how it could help your business to become more efficient and effective.