Feldman Geospatial with Paul Foley, COO


Feldman Geospatial Poised to Scale with Kompass BMS

For any growing business, there comes a time when at least one of the systems that keep operations running smoothly and efficiently is no longer up to ask. And so it was with Feldman, an established 75-year-old Geospatial firm based in Boston, Mass., with a 100-person team that includes 21 field crews who serve central and western Massachusetts – and continues to grow.

Feldman’s teams lead by specializing in their field and ensure all decisions are made from a professional land surveyor’s perspective. And as the field evolves, Feldman’s teams work with the latest equipment and technology to provide geospatial solutions that serve all client needs.

It was in early 2021 that Feldman came to Kompass BMS because it was in the process of restructuring its business to continue growth, starting with operations and scaling both business and crews. After evaluating a handful of operations-focused business management solutions, Feldman Chief Operating Officer, Paul Foley, and team decided on Kompass.

Feldman’s former technology provider and manual processes were extremely limiting, hampering crews and in-office staff from having visibility into projects, employee details, equipment locations, and scheduling. “Among our many issues was that we had no scheduling ability and were working with a purely graphical interface of our project records and nothing was interconnected,” Paul said, noting the limitations of Feldman’s ability to work efficiently while using an outdated digital project management system. He notes the team couldn’t unlock the value of its assets, including equipment, and there was no ability to create schedules or connect with a server to update information.

“There was a set criteria that our new solution had to meet, and Kompass BMS stood out because it is completely scalable, has the ability to house everything in one platform, a slick interface, and the team who developed it came from Murphy – so we knew they had created something that could accommodate our specific geospatial business needs,” said Paul. Feldman Geospatial now uses Kompass BMS across Sales, Operations, Finance and HR. Next, we’ll highlights a few of their successes.

Implementation & Tribal Knowledge

The Feldman team implemented Kompass BMS over a series of weeks from first contact in January 2021 to launch, July 2021. Paul said the entire team fully embraced the solution and were poised to make this happen.

“We had the support from Kai (Duebbert), Kompass BMS CEO, and team to train us and help upload legacy data that made use of Kompass BMS easy and effective from the start,” Paul said.

Kompass BMS helps teams work better by aggregating data and details from past projects so that teams can make informed project decisions. Feldman imported nearly 35 years of legacy data, totalling 22,000+ projects, into the Kompas BMS system.

“Today, being able to access the metadata about a job, including background information and historical data that helps crews and office staff create a better picture of the project or job ahead of them is invaluable,” said Paul.

Prior to using Kompass BMS, project knowledge and details were often lost and undocumented, fragmented across multiple file storage (manual and digital) and document sharing tools. Today, Feldman teams embrace a more intentional way of working that aids in planning and scoping projects.

“When project details are maintained, stored and shared within the platform, the more streamlined your communication and the outcome of the next project,” Paul said.

Clarity, Truth & Scheduling

According to Paul, Kompass BMS helps instill clarity and alignment around what Feldman’s teams should optimize for, and they hold the entire team accountable to a few key outcomes that meet their business needs. Prior to Kompass, the Feldman team grew accustomed to working with endless spreadsheets and across multiple systems, resulting in project clashes and unnecessary stress.

By using Kompass BMS, they avoid swimming through messy spreadsheets and folders of loose paper with information related to a project to find the data and details that matter. “We can simply open Kompass BMS and get a real-time view of how a project and our crews are doing and identify what strategic path to take next.”

To that, Paul also says that an element of the Kompass BMS platform that receives the most praise from his team is scheduling and “having the ability to schedule out essentially to infinity. This is a major advantage to teams because of the amount of work they have. It has transformed the way we schedule work. Teams now have a clear view of all projects and capability for new work.”

Company Impact

Kompass BMS makes it possible to measure any number of metrics across sales, operations, finance and HR. As Paul puts it, “All of a sudden we have all of this data in one spot that we can now interpret in a meaningful way. One of the coolest of these are trends – year over year, across departments, by employee or project – I am still learning how to get the most out of it.”

Paul and team are seeing data come through in the reporting that they weren’t able to accurately quantify previously, including project profitability and billable vs. non-billable time. According to Paul, tracking time against projects lacked consistency and validation. Teams also had little ability to measure the profitability of projects and few processes were consistent and scalable across the business.

“Now we know resource availability, we can easily track team use, and we can claim our time! Teams agree that it’s so much better to have the data and be able to measure it, than to wonder what happened on a particular project and not have a way to identify or fix it,” he said.

Feldman Geospatial teams are dedicated to the practice of land surveying, 3D scanning, construction engineering, VCD and SUE.

“The best thing about Kompass BMS is that it is totally scalable. For any geospatial and engineering company looking to scale, this is the software for you.”

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