Intuitive Dashboard

Your easy-to-use Kompass dashboard provides unique insights into the performance of your business. Crucial KPIs such as projects won, hours worked and client revenues, are available fully integrated and in real-time.

Project & Map

Kompass empowers you to manage all stages of a project, from enquiry to final invoice, with a clear overview of its status and performance. As well as creating quotes and tasks and assigning them to staff, Kompass is built on a GIS platform which captures GPS co-ordinates and history of each project location, so you can easily see what other projects were done in an area, to gain a competitive advantage.

CRM & Sales functionality

Now you can identify who your best customers are, track your opportunities and create quotations fully online, and get a quick overview of what stage they are at, allowing you to effectively manage your sales and plan your resources. Kompass allows you to ensure consistency in pricing, and importantly, focuses you on profits, rather than only revenues.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Drag and drop scheduling within Kompass allows your managers to quickly and effectively react to ever-changing plans or situations. You can easily assign your team to short, medium or long-term tasks, while maintaining a clear overview of your clients’ needs and project details throughout.

Timesheets & Job Diaries

Kompass allows for effortless recording of the time spent on tasks and projects. As well as having a detailed overview of what people have done, you can create overtime reports directly within the system, anytime, from anywhere. Field teams can create change orders for changes to scope while out on the job, highlighting any issues in real-time, and importantly integrated and saved with the project.

Staff Leave & Directory

Kompass enables staff to apply for leave directly through the system, before sending notifications to their manager to approve. While you get a full overview of who is on leave and when, they get a full overview of what leave they have taken and how much allowance remains. And if you need to contact any of them on leave, the staff directory will get you the right contact information.

Clients & Contacts

By giving you greater control over the management of your clients, your contacts and all your connected projects and revenues, Kompass helps you identify your most loyal and valuable clients, making it easier to keep them that way.

Equipment Assignment

To help you avoid hiring too much or not enough equipment, Kompass gives you the ability to manage and track all working equipment you own or hire. You can then easily assign it to the people who need it, for the projects that require it.

Quality Management System

You can save time and access files on the go using the full integration of your file servers that Kompass offers. This makes it possible to have up-to-date quality management related files available to your staff, without the need for outdated printed forms or obsolete procedures.

Flexible Integration

With a full developer REST API available, Kompass allows you to integrate your system with many different services including File server, SugarCRM, Sage50 Accounting and Azure Active Directory Single Sign On.

See It For Yourself

We’d be delighted to show you first-hand what Kompass can do for you. We can show you the system and discuss how it could help your business to become more efficient and effective.