Four Ways to Maximize Top Business Processes with Kompass BMS


Today’s geospatial, engineering and construction professionals operate in one of the most challenging business environments of any industry From increasing demands to build faster and efficiently to dealing with supply chain issues and the struggle to find skilled workers, to keeping on top of project costs, risks and timeline – there is no typical day in the business.

Does this sound familiar:  Who is doing what and where this week? What proposals need chasing up? What are my revenues this month? How are my projects doing? How much work have we got ahead? Who is on vacation this week?

Improve your efficiencies by having all this information and much more available immediately. Kompass BMS was created for growing small-to-medium-sized, service-based businesses and integrates the fundamental business processes in an intuitive, visual, and web-based platform.

Here are four quick ways to manage business processes across Sales, Operations, Finance and HR with Kompass BMS:

  1. Templates & Workflows: Upload all the information needed about a new project at its kickoff, turning what was once a laborious process into a streamlined workflow that sets all teams up for success early on.
  2. Scheduling: Schedule to infinity with the KompassBMS platform and transform the way you schedule work. Put clarity into availability of teams with Kompass’ real-time scheduling platform, which provides a clear view of all projects and capability for work, avoiding double-bookings and allow for accurate logging on billable and non-billable hours. Instill alignment around what teams should optimize for and hold them accountable to key outcomes that meet your business needs and KPIs.
  3. Historic data access:   Because many organizations are paper-based, many don’t have access to certain documents like field notes saved from project to project. And the likelihood of accessing a survey with historic information and metadata about a job isn’t readily available – if at all. Kompass allows teams to save and access later the background information and historical data of invaluable information that helps teams create a better picture of the project or job ahead.
  4. Faster Decisions, Better Opportunities: Speed is a factor when helping execute a project accurately and on time. This is something teams like Feldman Geospatial from Massachusetts considered when adopting Kompass BMS: “What I really like about Kompass BMS is the ability to automate tasks, have full visibility into projects at every stage of the lifecycle and help make the work of the entire team much faster and easier as a result,” says Paul Foley, COO of Feldman Geospatial. By bringing the company’s disparate data sources together into the Kompass BMS platform, Feldman teams have been better able to prioritize the most impactful project opportunities.

The Kompass BMS team is focused on helping geospatial surveying & engineering companies grow their bottom lines and improve the lives of the people who work for them.

Serving all of Europe and North America, Kompass BMS is a comprehensive business management software platform built for geospatial, engineering, and construction companies who are developing the world around us. Click here to learn more and start working on your business with Kompass today.