Kompass BMS at Industry Conferences: Showcasing Innovation in Geospatial Surveying and Engineering


Kompass is delighted to have actively participated in a series of esteemed industry conferences, including Geoweek 2023, FIG Working Week 2023, HxGN 2023, and the upcoming Trimble Dimensions 2023. These events have not only provided us with an exceptional platform to showcase our innovative solutions but also facilitated meaningful connections with industry professionals. Let’s delve into the significant impact we made at these conferences and the future event that awaits us.

Geoweek 2023: Cultivating Connections and Demonstrating Excellence

Kompass kicked off its conference journey at Geoweek 2023 where we had the privilege of taking the stage and deliver an engaging product demo to a captivated audience. This opportunity allowed us to showcase the power and capabilities of our innovative solutions to professionals in the geospatial surveying and engineering industry. The demo received enthusiastic feedback, highlighting the value and impact that Kompass BMS brings to businesses in the field. We were thrilled to connect with the audience, fostering meaningful connections and demonstrating our commitment to excellence in geospatial surveying and engineering. We valued every interaction and appreciated the opportunity to learn from attendees’ unique challenges, ensuring that our solutions meet their requirements effectively.

FIG Working Week 2023: Inspiring Collaboration and Celebrating Expertise

FIG Working Week 2023 was a remarkable gathering of geospatial surveying and engineering professionals from around the world. This event served as a platform to foster collaboration, celebrate expertise, and share insights that shape our industry. We actively engaged in intimate discussions, exchanging ideas and experiences with professionals who share our passion for innovation and progress all while soaking up some Florida sun. We were inspired by the collective expertise present and gained valuable insights that will fuel our commitment to driving the future of geospatial surveying and engineering.

Visiting Our Clients Across The US

Before embarking on our exciting journey to Vegas, we embarked on an incredible adventure visiting the offices of our esteemed clients across the United States. Our first stop was in sunny Florida, followed by the vibrant city of Boston, and finally, the sprawling landscapes of Texas. Stepping into the offices of our valued customers allowed us to immerse ourselves in their world and gain firsthand insights into their experiences with Kompass BMS. The opportunity to engage in face-to-face conversations and hear their invaluable feedback was truly a remarkable experience. We cherished every moment spent with our clients, as their firsthand accounts provided us with a deeper understanding of their needs and aspirations. Their feedback has been nothing short of invaluable, serving as a constant source of inspiration as we continue to innovate and enhance our solutions.

HxGN 2023: Unveiling Innovation in Vibrant Las Vegas

In vibrant Las Vegas, at the renowned HxGN 2023 event, Kompass had the honor of delivering an impactful presentation “Scaling a Surveying Business: Actionable Insights from 9 to 130+ Staff in 8 Years.” Led by CEO Kai Duebbert, the presentation provided invaluable strategies for streamlining operations, breaking down data silos, and driving growth. Here are the key takeaways from the attendees:

Takeaway 1: Conquering Growth Challenges
Attendees gained practical strategies to overcome common challenges when scaling a business, empowering them to navigate growth with confidence and success.

Takeaway 2: Streamlined Operations, Enhanced Collaboration
Attendees learned to streamline operations, break down data silos, and improve data sharing, resulting in increased productivity and seamless collaboration.

Takeaway 3: Cultivating Innovation and Embracing Change
Attendees were inspired to prioritize innovation, foster a culture of creativity, and embrace change, positioning their organizations for continued growth and success.

In this captivating presentation, Kai Duebbert sheds light on the secrets to thriving amidst adversity, providing attendees with actionable insights to navigate the intricacies of rapid expansion while fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

The event provided an electrifying atmosphere where professionals from various backgrounds converged to learn, connect, and explore cutting-edge technologies. Kompass left an indelible mark on this premier event, inspiring attendees with our vision for the future and our commitment to driving efficiency and growth.

Trimble Dimensions 2023: Anticipating the Future of the Industry

Looking ahead, Kompass is excited to announce our upcoming attendance at Trimble Dimensions 2023 in November. This highly anticipated event promises to be a convergence of industry visionaries, thought leaders, and professionals who are shaping the future of geospatial surveying and engineering. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions, connect with industry peers, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements. Trimble Dimensions 2023 will further strengthen our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Kompass BMS: Driving Innovation and Collaboration

Kompass remains at the forefront of driving innovation and collaboration in the geospatial surveying and engineering industry. Our active participation in Geoweek 2023, FIG Working Week 2023, HxGN 2023, and our upcoming attendance at Trimble Dimensions 2023 reflects our dedication to shaping the future of the industry. Through insightful presentations, engaging demonstrations, and meaningful interactions, we aim to inspire change, enhance efficiency, and foster growth within the geospatial community.