Briana Winget: New Director of Americas at Kompass BMS


We are elated to announce a pivotal addition to the Kompass BMS team: Briana Winget, who will be stepping into the role of Director of Americas. This significant appointment heralds a new chapter in our journey, symbolizing the continued growth and expansion of Kompass BMS. 

Briana’s association with Kompass BMS began at Texas Professional Surveying (TPS), where she was instrumental in introducing our system as part of the leadership team, becoming its internal champion. Her deep knowledge of the system and its transformative power for surveying companies makes her a unique and valuable addition. 

In her new role, Briana will be building and nurturing relationships with state bodies, our cherished clients, and forging new partnerships. She will also lead our business development initiatives in the USA and Canada, serve as the primary liaison for Kompass BMS in North America, and strategically expand our footprint across the continent, bringing our services closer to our clients. 

Her profound expertise in marketing, business development, and surveying, combined with her firsthand experience with Kompass BMS, positions her uniquely to drive our vision forward in North America. She understands the nuances of the North American market and has the acumen to navigate its complexities. With her at the helm, we are confident that Kompass BMS will not only solidify its presence but also redefine industry standards in the region. 

Also, Briana’s educational background, with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Texas Woman’s University (TWU), further complements her professional experience, ensuring that she brings both academic and practical perspectives to her role. 

In welcoming Briana, we are not just adding a new member to our team; we are embracing a new direction, one that promises growth, innovation, and unparalleled service for our clients in North America. 

Join us in welcoming Briana Winget to the Kompass BMS team. We look forward to the remarkable journey ahead!