Five Ways Kompass BMS Helps Small Geospatial and Engineering Teams


When is the last time worried about coordinating teams, equipment, schedules and more to conduct actual geospatial surveys? One of the biggest limitations to a teams’ productivity are paper and spreadsheet-based systems that result in manual entry of information – which takes time, money and multiple people to manage – and is prone to human error, as well as project delays!

According to the US Chamber Commercial Construction Index (Q4 2021), the availability of skilled workers continues to decline over previous quarters despite strong project and industry growth. With this at hand, leveraging technology is crucial to success. Adopting a digital business management solution like KompassBMS to fully connect teams and project details can offer geospatial and engineering professionals a competitive advantage by streamlining workflows, maximizing productivity and documenting efforts.

Kompass focuses on connecting small businesses to help them work faster, smarter, and improve efficiency. With Kompass, teams can focus on work where it matters – from sales and operations to finance and HR.

Kompass creates a single source of unified communication and daily direction for small, service-based business organizations by effectively and efficiently managing business processes – from inquiry through to final invoicing. Its fully integrated business management system is web-based and built to manage geospatial projects and support remote-working teams and in-office staff. Dusty site binders, endless time sheets, excel files and other online documents are replaced with a fully-integrated, user-friendly and intuitive system that can help prioritize, schedule and track across projects with real-time visibility for all users.

Here are 5 of the many Kompass BMS features that can help geospatial and engineering teams grow:

  1. Project Collaboration and Integrations: “Winging it” is for the birds. Kompass fully integrates context-aware tasks, workflows, geospatial maps, as well as systems for accounting, bookkeeping and CRM. The platform allows teams to integrate and automatically synchronize all details across sales, operations, finance and HR functions, removing the guesswork and ensuring the most reliable data and information with no duplication.
  2. Real-Time Insights and Detailed Reports: Unlock real-time visibility for everyone and ensure stakeholder confidence with the most up-to-date information. Enhance reporting with smart, intuitive dashboards that provide the latest, crucial project status information in real-time, allowing teams to quickly view reliable status updates and address potential issues before they become a problem. Get full visibility into performance, outlining KPIs for client, project, staffing, operations and financial data and quickly create automated reports without having to consult or rectify records across disparate systems.
  3. On-Demand Information, Anytime – Anywhere: Stay productive and take project information with you wherever you go – from your laptop or mobile device. KompassBMS is a web-based platform, allowing you to manage your business from virtually anywhere, providing access to project details online or off, anytime!
  4. Customizable Templates:  Starting saving major time on communication with templates. Regardless of the task, Kompass has you covered. Start from a template, make it your own, and configure it for any project or task without starting from scratch every time. Smart fields save tons of time and ensure you never have to manually update information across projects again.
  5. Learn Fast! Quickly learn and begin using Kompass in a matter of hours. Users will be onboarded with a process that produces confident, consistent and effective use of Kompass. KompassBMS was designed to help all users with less stress and more success – from the tech savvy to those more resistant to adopt new technologies. Its slick design allows users to become proficient without the overload of useless features. Instead, the system focuses on crucial processes by user to help improve what you do and how you do it.

KompassBMS was specifically created for small, but growing, service-based companies. Find out how Kompass can help you reliably manage your team by seamlessly integrating your sales, operations, finance and HR functions via one fast and intuitive solution – at your fingertips! Click here to learn more and start working on your business with Kompass today.