The surveying and geospatial industry faces unique challenges that can lead to inefficiencies and higher costs. These challenges include complex workflows, data management, and increasing competition. However, by implementing Kompass, companies in this industry can optimize their workflows, improve data management, and reduce costs. 

Kompass offers a suite of sector-specific features that can help surveying and geospatial companies increase efficiency, reduce errors, and streamline workflows. Its seamless onboarding and customer service also make it an attractive option for companies looking to make the switch. 

One challenge that companies may face when implementing Kompass is the different priorities of different departments. For example, the finance department may push back on a new BMS due to budget concerns. However, Kompass’s ROI calculator can help companies estimate their potential savings by implementing the platform. The calculator uses the number of employees, average billing hours, and other industry-specific factors as variables to produce a minimum saving per month. 

Based on customer feedback, many companies that have implemented Kompass have experienced a ROI of over 400%. One such company is Feldman Geospatial (Boston, MA), which saw significant improvements in data management and workflow efficiency after implementing Kompass. These savings can then be reinvested in the company, improving operations, hiring more employees, or expanding services. 

In addition to the ROI calculator, Kompass provides case studies of surveying and geospatial companies that have implemented their system and have seen substantial ROI as a result.  

By booking a demo with our team, you can see firsthand how Kompass can benefit your business and help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait, book a demo today and start realizing the benefits of Kompass for your business. 

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