Enhance Your Project Management with Customizable Numbering Systems in Kompass BMS

Kompass BMS has recently enhanced its platform by introducing a feature that allows users to apply their own project numbering systems directly within the software. This update is particularly beneficial for our clients in the surveying and geospatial sectors, as it offers the flexibility to maintain continuity with established project numbering protocols, thus streamlining project management processes. The introduction of customizable project numbering underscores our commitment to adaptability and user satisfaction. By enabling a seamless integration of pre-existing project numbering systems, clients can optimize project organization and efficiency, ensuring a smoother workflow and enhancing operational performance. This change not only reflects our dedication to meeting the specific needs of our clients but also strengthens Kompass BMS’s position as a versatile and client-centric solution in the competitive business management software market. For more information on utilizing this new feature, we encourage our clients to explore the details here.