Briana Lorber-Winget, Marketing Director, Texas Professional Surveying

Kompass BMS has poised Texas Professional Surveying for exponential growth. It’s streamlined our processes and operations, helping us capture more billable time, revenue insights, and growth in a short amount of time. Kompass BMS understood everything we needed, and so we knew immediately that we were collaborating with a provider who gets it. ADDITION

Five Ways Kompass BMS Helps Small Geospatial and Engineering Teams

When is the last time worried about coordinating teams, equipment, schedules and more to conduct actual geospatial surveys? One of the biggest limitations to a teams’ productivity are paper and spreadsheet-based systems that result in manual entry of information – which takes time, money and multiple people to manage – and is prone to human error, as well as project delays! According to the US Chamber Commercial Construction Index (Q4 2021), the availability of skilled workers continues to decline over previous quarters despite strong project and industry growth. With this at hand, leveraging technology is crucial to success. Adopting a digital business management solution like KompassBMS to fully connect teams and project details can offer geospatial and engineering professionals a competitive advantage by streamlining workflows, maximizing productivity and documenting efforts. Kompass focuses on connecting small businesses to help them work faster, smarter, and improve efficiency. With Kompass, teams can focus […]

Kompass BMS Expands Its Reach to North America

Kompass BMS, a comprehensive business management software platform built for geospatial surveying & engineering companies, has today announced during the HxGN LIVE Global 2022 conference in Las Vegas that it is expanding its reach into North America. Born out of Murphy Geospatial, the Kompass BMS platform makes it easy for geospatial surveying & engineering companies to manage their entire operation – from proposals to invoicing – with powerful features that improve collaboration and communication, project financials, operations, and manages the sales process through the delivery of completed projects to customer renewals.