Kompass BMS at Industry Conferences: Showcasing Innovation in Geospatial Surveying and Engineering

Kompass, a leading name in the geospatial surveying and engineering industry, has made a significant impact at global industry conferences. Our journey began at Geoweek 2023, where we showcased our innovative solutions and fostered meaningful connections. The event was a testament to Kompass’s commitment to excellence and our ability to meet the unique challenges of the industry. Our participation in the FIG Working Week 2023 further solidified our position as a thought leader, inspiring collaboration and celebrating expertise. As we look forward to Trimble Dimensions 2023, we remain dedicated to driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry.

Kompass BMS Expands Its Reach to North America

Kompass BMS, a comprehensive business management software platform built for geospatial surveying & engineering companies, has today announced during the HxGN LIVE Global 2022 conference in Las Vegas that it is expanding its reach into North America. Born out of Murphy Geospatial, the Kompass BMS platform makes it easy for geospatial surveying & engineering companies to manage their entire operation – from proposals to invoicing – with powerful features that improve collaboration and communication, project financials, operations, and manages the sales process through the delivery of completed projects to customer renewals.