How to make your Geospatial engineering & surveying business thrive? Choose a business management system that speaks your sector.


As an SME, you know that growing a business means growing the number of processes you need to run it. The geospatial engineering & surveying business is no different. And getting them to talk to each other and to your systems takes up more time than you have.  

Kompass can help. We’re surveyors too, so we know how your teams work and the software you need to run operations. From scheduling and project management, to proposals, tracking sales and overseeing financials, Kompass is a fully integrated system that puts everything on one platform. We’ve used our boots-on-the-ground experience to help you save time, resources and head-scratching – so you can concentrate on moving your business forwards. 

An all-in-one solution 

One of our clients described Kompass BMS Solutions as ‘Grand Central Station’ for operations. It’s a great way of explaining how Kompass brings so many different business functions together across Operations, People, Planning and Finance – and the list keeps growing. Of course Kompass isn’t just making everyone’s lives easier by replacing multiple apps with one system, it’s also saving huge amounts of time people would be wasting making double entries across systems.  Read more about Kompass BMS and the many services we integrate for our clients here.

1 sector. 10 years. 1000 users. 

You’ll already know that most business management systems don’t include the day-to-day software that surveyors need. Kompass has them baked in. We’ve been fine-tuning Kompass to include everything geospatial engineering & surveying businesses need for over ten years. With over a thousand users and counting, we know it’s working.  

Keep it simple  

Surveyors and engineers deal with complex situations and detailed data every day. You need your business processes to be straightforward, so you can react fast. Kompass tells you what you need to know with a simple and intuitive interface giving you the information you need. It’s a system designed to give you clarity and help you stay up-to-date across multiple project phases with easy-to-read dashboards. Try Kompass and get the results that count – streamlined operations and cool, calm employees. 

Work together from home anywhere 

Being in the cloud puts all your business data in one app, without having to make a big investment in hardware and software. It also gives your people the power to work from anywhere with a data connection.  

Whether you’re giving your people more freedom to work remotely, or want to run your business from another location, Kompass helps teams work together, even if they can’t sit together.  

Find out more about how Kompass helps businesses to work from anywhere: read surveyor Steve Bury’s story about running his business in the cloud from Kompass while on an extended trip to Asia.  

Power decision-making with Kompass insights 

With powerful insight at your fingertips, you can make the right choices for your business’ future. Kompass gives you real-time access to integrated KPIs – projects won, hours worked and client revenues. See problems before they happen and identify the trends to guide you with accurate and insightful data whenever you need it.  

Happy systems. Happy people (who stay with you). 

Show your people you care by giving them the tools they need to succeed. That begins with making your applications talk to each other and bringing every department’s systems into one shared platform.  

Kompass is fully API-driven, so if your existing systems talk to REST API, they can talk to Kompass. You can also use services like Microsoft Flow to connect to Kompass, we’ll help find your most direct route in.  

When you remove the barriers stopping your people from working together, you’ll see the results in your bottom line and your staff retention figures. 

Supporting you from integration to ROI 

Kompass  doesn’t just make business operations smart and organized, we continue to work with you as your business evolves. From onboarding, through data integration to beyond, our Customer Success Team will help you make the most out of Kompass and continue to support you to success and growth.   

Talk to us about how Kompass can transform your business operations and take your business to the next level.